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Awww, baby Chris Evans getting shoved by Marilyn Manson~

I did another make up thing for my other blog, but my camera fucking sucks and all the photos came out shit and yellow an urgh. I might be able to salvage something, but if not I’ll have to redo it again tomorrow…

… “Whether she’s screaming her guts out in front of a crowd or chatting quietly backstage, Brody Dalle is honest and tough, and that’s why she’s one of the most captivating female rockers of the last 20 years. And, a decade after the demise of the Distillers — the punk band she formed as a teenager and fronted with absolute ferocity for three studio albums — she’s still going strong.” +


John Barrowman kissed a man during the wedding thing at the Commonwealth games in Scotland (see below)

and this is so so important because of this

and now he’s receiving hate on Twitter

this is absurd 

join the fight, stand with John Barrowman and Stonewall and say 

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These Are The Things That I Like.

I also cosplay CATS and The Spine :3

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